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    • Alessi
    • Alessi
    • Alessi, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of designer kitchen and tableware, was founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, the grandfather of the current owner. The firm began life as a workshop in valle Strona in the Italian Alps, producing a wide range of tableware items in nickel, chromium and sliver-plated brass. The company’s intention was to produce hand-crafted items with the aid of machines.

      From the start, Alessi produced a large number of different product designs, but the company’s present form only began to emerge when Carlo Alessi, father of the current owner, joined the firm in the mid 1930s. Trained as an industrial designer, Carlo Alessi was single-handedly responsible for the design of most of the company’s output between 1935 and 1945. In the 1950s Carlo took over the management of the firm from his father. He stopped his design work at this stage, but began a tradition of hiring freelance designers to work for the company.

      Alessi’s current owner, Alberto Alessi, joined the family firm in 1970. Passionate about design and the relationship between manufactured products and the societies that use and consume them, he shaped Alessi into one of the most important manufacturers of designer kitchen and tableware in the world today

      With a relentless concentration on the introduction of new designs to the market, innovation is central to Alessi’s business model. The company, inspired by its designers, has also pioneered the use of new materials in kitchen and tableware, in particular making extensive use of plastics in high-quality contexts.

    • Dalvey
    • Dalvey
    • Dalvey was founded in Scotland in 1897 as a musical instrument manufactory, specialising in the production of Highland bagpipes.

      The creation of any musical instrument is a delicate art. The crafting and finishing must be conducted to exacting standards, and ensuring excellent acoustic properties requires a very high degree of rigour and discrimination within the design and production processes.

      This same rigour and discrimination is now reflected in Dalvey's exquisite range of classic gifts.

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